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Our culture spends a lot of time and effort displaying how to fall in lust, fall in love, and start relationships. However, it spends little time showing how to remain intimate with a long term partner. When Mayhew got married in 2013 she asked her guests to advise her how to stay happily married. The solo show, Advice, is a visual manifestation of the written advice she received. Each image depicts the concept the well-wisher was advising. From communication to what to do when leaving the house, Mayhew uses graphite and gesso on paper to depict the ideas.

Mays Mayhew is known for representational figurative narratives. These narratives start with a single element of the human condition or emotion that is personal yet universal. Universal triggers form a biographical chapter that documents time. All of the work is based around relationships. The self as it relates to self or others or a lover. The goal of each image is to create a dialog with the viewer. Mayhew paints her figures in oils for their rich pigments and draws in graphite and gesso for its simplicity.

Mays Mayhew, born and raised on a farm in Wisconsin, currently lives in Chicago. She studied studio arts at UW – Madison, WI (BFA), Rhode Island School of Design, and Florence, Italy. She has had numerous solo exhibitions over the last twenty years, most notably, REFLECT, REFLECT, at the Chicago Art Loop Alliance and at Pulse Contemporary Art Fair during Art Basel, Miami.

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